Consulting Services

My approach to consulting begins with listening to the client and tailoring solutions to what you are trying to achieve as an organization … very similar to how you likely want your customer service representatives to work with your customers. Most engagements would begin with a broad-based or targeted assessment. Usually that will involve time spent with the management team, supervisors, customer service representatives and support personnel. In any engagement I see myself, in a sense, as a temporary addition to your team – another head at the table – providing input to help define/refine a course of action. My involvement can end with the assessment and recommendations, or can continue with implementation or ongoing support and consultation. The choice is 100% yours to make. I am committed to your success, so I am committed to helping enable your team to take the input and results of any assessment I conduct and make real change and drive real improvements in the business for the organization, for customers and for employees. For improvements to be sustainable, I’m a firm believer that you need to consider all of these stakeholders. Consulting services can to take many forms. The following is a list of some of the possibilities:
  • Serve as a partner, at the table with management, assisting in developing/refining customer access strategy and call center operational strategy
  • Broad-based or targeted assessment of call center strategy, operations, technology, organization structure, processes and culture … Operations includes hiring, training, QA, coaching, forecasting, scheduling, real-time management, metrics, business continuity and emergency response
  • If desired, assist in implementation and monitoring of identified improvements
  • Be available, if client desires, on a longer-term retainer for periodic on-call or on-site consultation and support
  • Assist in developing home agent strategy and processes
  • Partner to refine outsourcing strategy including selecting the right partner and putting the right mechanisms in place to ensure accountability to deliver the brand of service you desire
  • Assist in identifying key cross-functional process improvements that help ensure customer expectations are being met, unnecessary calls are eliminated and learnings from customer contacts are utilized to add value to other departments as well
  • For companies going through a merger/acquisition, assist in developing roadmap to move to common operating models from a technology, process and people perspective … so that, in the end, you truly become one company and do so in a systematic and thoughtful way
  • For companies in transition, step in temporarily to lead and improve operations until permanent leader is identified
  • For unionized call centers, assist in developing labor relations strategy and negotiations strategies, to drive improvement in a win-win manner
  • Specific to the electric and gas utility arena, assist in identifying impacts on customer access strategy and customer contact operations due to the smart grid and energy efficiency offerings.
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