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Larry Eiser has over ten years of experience as a strategic and operational leader in the contact center arena. He is a proven leader who has consistently energized people at all levels to rethink the business and drive improvements. During that time he has also developed into a thought leader within the industry as well, serving on the Advisory Board of the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) since 2008 and serving as a frequent speaker or panelist at a variety of call center events. Larry has a true passion for this industry which he sees as a dynamic mix of strategy, technology, processes and people. Larry sees leading in this arena as a real opportunity to make a difference in the lives of employees, the experiences of customers and the brand of an organization.

Most recently, Larry has served as Vice President of Call Center Operations for Duke Energy since November of 2006. Larry’s initial responsibilities following the Duke/Cinergy merger, which closed in April of 2006, included the web, IVR and walk-in contact channels and designing the technology platform to support all contact channels. Prior to the Duke/Cinergy merger, Larry served as General Manager, Customer Contact Services for Cinergy since 2000.

Larry has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Dayton. Prior to moving to the customer contact arena in 2000, Larry held a number of positions over a 14 year period in the information technology arena and then took a leadership role in merger, business process reengineering and corporate restructuring efforts.

With the Duke/Cinergy merger, Larry led efforts to integrate contact center operations and move to a common platform from a people, process and technology perspective. From a technology perspective this included moving to a common platform from a routing, workforce management, QA, CTI, IVR and web perspective. From a people perspective this included moving to common compensation and incentive systems, recognition programs and performance management standards. From a process perspective, this included common hiring, training, QA, sourcing, business continuity, and voice of the customer processes. One of Duke’s centers is unionized and virtually all of these changes have been adopted there as well including more market-competitive wage rates and performance incentives and promotions based on individual performance.

Larry’s role also included ensuring readiness for smart grid changes and energy efficiency offerings coming in the future. These changes will impact virtually every aspect of the utility contact center environment including hiring, training, QA, skill group design, routing, incentives and compensation. He played a key role in shaping Duke's position on smart grid customer data access and privacy and, through Edison Electric Institute (EEI) involvement, helped to influence the industry position as well.

In 2001, Cinergy’s call centers won the NSDI Teleperformance Grand Prix Customer Service award, placing #1 in both e-mail and phone service among U.S. utilities. In 2003, ICMI selected Larry as Global Call Center Manager of the Year. In 2005 and 2006 Cinergy’s call centers were certified for excellence by J.D. Power. All of Duke Energy’s call centers have now been certified. Duke Energy’s centers finished as a semi-finalist in ICMI’s 2008 Call Center of the Year awards. Larry is CIAC-Certified as a Call Center Strategic Leader and a Call Center Management Consultant.  Cinergy was selected as a Pacesetter by the Call Center Advisory Council (CIAC) for commitment to service excellence and professional development.
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