Partnering with Organizations to Achieve Customer Service Excellence

These are challenging and exciting times for managing customer service organizations and call centers. Customers are facing challenges themselves. They are demanding more options. They are expecting the service experience to require minimal effort and time on their part. They are expecting a seamless service experience across channels that now include a variety of social media options.

Service excellence is quite simply the price of admission. It’s expected, yet not always easy to achieve. Service excellence is about doing the basics consistently well and providing high quality experiences, but it’s also about finding away to do that at optimal cost. Great service does not have to be about spending more money. Top tier in customer satisfaction and loyalty can co-exist with being top-tier in cost-effectiveness. A great example is first call resolution, a metric that when increased lowers cost and improves service. It’s not an “either-or” choice.

We can bring real world customer service and contact center experience and expertise to the table. That includes experience in operational processes, technology, employee and cultural issues, structure, sourcing options, merger integration, labor relations and, specific to the utility industry, the impact of smart grid on customer access strategy and contact center operations. We will partner with you to tailor engagements to meet your needs. The bottom-line is that we love this business and we commit to putting our heart and soul into helping make you successful in achieving your objectives.
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